Foot scan and pressure measurement

Pedoscan allows the pressure distribution on the human foot to be captured and displayed quickly and precisely. The objective and quantitative analysis of pressure distribution, pressure peaks, and movement asymmetries as well as the rollover behavior are recorded to help diagnose foot malformations or functional limitations of the lower extremities.

Why should you get your pedoscan done?

Pedoscan results points out your present ailments or foot troubles and their causes. Also, any future problem that might be plausible to occur because of pressure areas or foot balance or other measurements are also pointed out for early correction.

Foot impression

Foot impression is taken using foot impression foam box. This allows us to make proper custom insoles as per the shape and arch of your feet.

Custom Insoles

Custom insoles are made as per patient's foot scan and measurements as per foot impression taken. The modifications are done by the orthotist based on his assessment of the pateint's foot and the ailments troubling the patient.

When should I go for custom insoles?

Custom insoles are recommended for patients with flat feet, cavus foot, recurring ulcers, recurring corns, Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, callus and hammer toes

Special Footwear

The custom insoles are fitted in our special extra-depth footwear for proper fit and comfort